Why you should carry a compass.

25 Sep


I moved into a new place this week and yesterday I wanted to explore my new surroundings.  My plan was to head east until the road Ts and head north from there and eventually make a circle back to my place.  Well, that is not exactly what happened.  While walking north, the road curved to the east and I didn’t really notice and somehow I was heading south and ended up at a traditional market set-up on the road and adjoining alleys.  The market contained any good you could imagine, it had fish, random trinkets to washing machines and other home appliances.  The disconcerting part of the market was many of the live animals on display, especially fish and reptiles were endangered species.  The people were very friendly and unthreatening during my time in the market.  I ended up buying some precision screwdriveres, a magnifying glass, and a tape measure, all for under a dollar.  At this point I didn’t realize I was lost but I was getting a good feeling that I had made a wrong turn and should figuring out where I am and where I need to go to get back home.  One of te first things I did when I got to Jakarta was learn what tall building were near whwer I lived.  So, if I got lost (like I was) I could orient myself and get home.  That is exactly what I did. and  long story short, I ended up walking for about five hours and will buy a compass next time I go exploring.

The sights and experiences were definetly worth it.  I will admit it was my brightest hour but one I will never forget.

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One response to “Why you should carry a compass.

  1. Ross

    October 13, 2011 at 12:05 am

    Its difficult to not get lost when you don’t have a second in command, am I right?


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