Disorders of Sexual Development Conference (9 – 11 October, 2011)

29 Oct


I am finally back.  Okay, earlier this month the Eijkman Institute was hosting a conference on Disorders of Sexual Development (DSD Conference).  The conference served two important roles: the first day was focused on patients.  The patients listened to lectures by Doctors and then they asked questions to the panels of doctors and shared personal experiences about living with or having a child with a sexual development disorder.  It was a very emotional day but unfortunately for me, it was all in Indonesian so, I was not able to fully grasp the magnitude of the day.  The second purpose was to bring in experts  and discuss diagnosis, treatment and causes of these disorders.

It was a very fascinating conference, the parts I understood, and I had the pleasure to be one of the two photographers of the event.  I never done formal photography before and was a bit nervous until I talked with my fellow photographer.   He told me his philosophy is just “point and shoot and if its blurry, shoot again.” And that is exactly what I did for three days.

There were four speakers from Australia that attended the conference(see picture below).  One of them happened to be Dr. Andrew Sinclair; who is the discover of the SRY gene(the gene that determines your sex).  It was a unique experience meeting him because I learned a lot about the SRY gene and him in class.  I was fortunate and got to accompany all of the speakers after the second day of the conference around Jakarta.  Showed them the Grand Indonesia Mall and then we dined on some fantastic sea food, which of course was devastating to my stomach.

left to right: Suzanne, Dr. Gary Warne, Steffani and Dr. Andrew Sinclair.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience listening to some inspiring talks and got to meet some world renound scientists and doctors.

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