I am an adventurous senior who decided to make his last semester in college worthwhile by taking a six month internship in Jakarta, Indonesia.  The blog will be an in-depth chronicle of my many experiences abroad; both good and bad.

What I will be doing in my Internship.

I will be assisting a post doctoral fellow with her pilot study.  The study will identify all variants of the protein deficiency G6PDd and its geographic distribution on an Island in Indonesia; with the eventual goal to do this for all of Indonesia. Why do this?  Some G6PDd variants confer resistance to malaria but unfortunately, some variants react poorly with specific anti-malarial drugs, causing hemolysis and the result can be fatal.  To safely distrubute anti-malarial drugs to regions in need, it is necessary to know the distribution of G6PDd variants and that is exactly what we plan to do.




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